※This is for refilling. (not included 200ml spray bottle) Alice’s Dog & Cat spray is the only product in the world that has shown the effect of outstanding deodorization and...
※This is for refilling. (not included 200ml spray bottle) Alice’s Dog & Cat spray is the only product in the world that has shown the effect of outstanding deodorization and...



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※This is for refilling. (not included 200ml spray bottle)
Alice’s Dog & Cat spray is the only product in the world that has shown the effect of outstanding deodorization and perfect disinfection.
✔  NO Fragrance, NO Alcohol, NO Chlorine: PET and Your STRESS-FREE
✔  The World’s First EFFECT: Deodorant and Disinfection 
✔  Immediate Effect/ Persistence / Long-term Effect 
✔  Long and Short Adjustable Spray 
Alice‘s Dog & Cat disinfecting deodorizer is a new technology to kill the origin of odor, unlike other products that mask it with a strong fragrance. 
It does not contain any chlorine, alcohol or fragrance that can be toxic. 
Your pets can even lick it and remain safe. 



Odor Cycle Stress-free: Once your pet’s odor permeates, it is difficult to remove it. when you are living in the same environment for a while, you get used to the smell and do not realize it is still lingering. Animal odor does not only get on clothing but also can easily get on couch, curtain, carpet, and clothing that are difficult to wash. This is when deodorizer kicks in. However, did you know the working mechanism of a general deodorizer is “to mask the odor with fragrances” and that it is not an ultimate solution? You may think it works because it smells good for a moment. However, since it does not eliminate the origin of the odor, you would smell the odor again soon. Then you spray it again and again… Have you not experienced it? We call this “Odor cycle”. This is why we need a deodorizer that can eliminate the origin of the odor for the best deodorizing result. Alice’s Dog & Cat spray kills the origin of the odor immediately and results in industrial level deodorizing. 


Ammonia: It is one of the components like animal urine odor

Formaldehyde: It is one of the components like animal body odor.


Deodorant Power Test: Ammonia TestWe tested the Deodorant Power and the Immediate Effect using the commercially available ammonia solution and Alice’s Dog & Cat spray. Take a look at it. For about 2 minutes and 30 seconds, the concentration of powerful ammonia has become 0(zero), and you can confirm the Deodorant Power and Immediate Effect.


Disinfection: Extinction of Odor cycle 

 What's important to get rid of Odor cycle, you should eliminate the source of the odor. Most of the bacteria cause the smell. Alice’s Dog & Cat spray is highly deodorizing because it eliminates various bacteria from the root.

Further, It is the best for hygiene and health management for your dog and cat. With a little bit of will power and action, it can disinfect whatever you want to help with you and your pet’s health. It’s best to use for the below situations.
●For your dog’s paws after a walk 
●For your pet’s urine odor area 
●For your pet’s eye booger Wherever you’re concerned with odor 
●For the unpleasant smell of the house 
●For the place where it should be hygienic (Around the kitchen, bathroom, toilet)


・ Disinfection Power test 
 The ATP(+ AMP + ADP) test used in public health centers and sanitary management tested the power of sterilization as follows. The ATP is a test that accurately measures not only microorganisms but also biological materials(organics). It is the most supported inspection method for the cleanliness to check whether the hand, food processing equipment, and medical equipment are kept clean enough. 
 Reference: 「ATP Rapid Inspection Research」indicates that a hand with less than 1,500 RLU means Pass(Clean)
We measured the surface of the table (23,465 RLU) and tested Alice's Dog & Cat Spray and third-party products for ATP. 
You can see the amazing sterilization power.
3. Prevents mold growth
What you should not forget is the measures against mold. It also causes skin irritation, itchiness, earwax, coughing, runny nose and so on, and in an extreme case, it may cause pneumonia and difficulty in breathing. The best way to maintain a healthy living environment is to prevent it before it appears. Alice’s Dog & Cat spray also has evidence that it has anti-fungal effects. Please check below.
No bacteria were detected after 24 hours.
TCID50: median tissue culture infectious dose, 50%, Amount of tissue culture infection
Feline calicivirus: a virus that is an important cause of upper respiratory infections and oral disease in cats. It is highly communicable in unvaccinated cats and is commonly seen in multicat facilities, shelters, poorly ventilated households, and breeding catteries.
(Temperature: Room temperature)

Long-term Effect

General disinfecting product effect lasts about 1-3 months, however, the effect of Alice’s Dog & Cat spray lasts for 2 years, which can be helpful for any emergency situation due to a natural disaster. 

Alice’s Dog & Cat spray is the only product that has proven its powerful effect of deodorization and disinfection.


Ultra Mist Spray type Economical, Adjustable Short & Long Spray

It is easy to control the injection lever with a special structure and adjust the injection amount. Ultra mist allows wide coverage with a small amount of the solution. One push uses only 1.25cc that it can last for 2-3 months when using 3-5 times daily. Furthermore, its spray distance adjustability provides convenience when using.

・ Short Push: injection quantity 0.3-0.6cc

・Long Push: injection quantity 1.25cc, It has a length of 150cm and can be sprayed extensively.



Alice’s Dog & Cat spray’s secret comes from the triple effect of OH Radical ×
New visible Light type active Photo catalysis x unique component mixing technology

The photocatalysis recognized by OH-Radical and NASA(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) repeat the following process to decompose and remove harmful substances and have immediate effect and persistence, Also, it deodorizes bacteria thoroughly from the source of the smell.

●Apatite: a substance that can be found in toothpaste and tends to absorb germs and viruses
●OH radical: a disinfecting substance that is more powerful than chlorine and hypochlorous acid that is used for disinfection
●Appearance of VISIBLE LIGHT-RESPONSIVE PHOTOCATALYST: unlike other products in today's’ market, it improves its effectiveness 5.9 times under fluorescent light 
●Titanium oxide: a safe photocatalytic substance that is widely used as an ingredient of white colored facial cleanser and food additive 
OH-Radical may be an unfamiliar word, but it has the most reactive organic degradation power of active oxygen such as ozone, chlorine, and hypochlorite, and it works immediately.
In addition, the new photocatalysis of Alice's Dog&Cat spray has a definite effect on the dim interior, unlike the conventional photocatalysis that has a weak reaction to fluorescent lamps or LEDs.
Moreover, it has succeeded in improving its decomposition power and immediate effect without changing the main components in its unique component mixing technology.
New visible Light type active Photocatalysis has a short wavelength of light energy (less than 470nm) that exhibits catalytic effect in existing photocatalysis, but the effect in the interior are weak. However, New Photo Catalysis has a long wavelength of response light (less than 570nm). Therefore, it is effective in the dark interior where no light comes in, and also in the car using the UV cut glass. 
 The new photocatalysis technology is Japan's world-class technology developed under the concept of ECO, safety, and pollution-free. 
 We use light shielding bottles for preservation, but please keep them out of direct sunlight.


Most of the pet deodorants in the world are using alcohol, chlorine or fragrance as the main components. Alcohol and chlorine are toxic and can cause roughness or allergies to the skin. 
The comparison for Alice’s Dog & Cat spray and third-party products is the chart below. Alice’s Dog & Cat spray makes use of New Photo Catalysis and is safe and surprising for pets with no alcohol and no goat.

How To Use 

・The place where the smell of pets like urine, pets' houses, and toys. The place where it should be hygienic like the smell of unpleasant houses, around the kitchen, etc
・Areas of Use: House, car, boats, pet areas, pet quarters, veterinary clinics, pet shops & grooming facilities, animal transportation vehicles, breeding establishments, kennels, farm premises, poultry houses, animal pens. 


特殊な触媒技術を駆使してノンアルコール・ノン塩素でペットに優しくも驚きの効果を実感して頂けるのが、アリス イヌネコ トイレ専用 消臭除菌スプレーです!










保健所や衛生管理に使われているATP(+AMP+ADP) 拭き取り検査で除菌の力を下記の通りテストしました。

参考:「ATP拭き取り及び迅速検査研究会」が示している判断基準は、食指においては1,500 RLU以下が合格(キレイ)という判断になります。

テーブルの表面(23,465 RLU)を測定し、Alice's Dog & Cat 消臭除菌スプレーと他社の商品をATP拭き取り検査を行いました。驚きの除菌力を確認いただけると思います。

Alice's Dog & Cat 消臭除菌スプレーは防カビ効果があることを確認するエビデンスも取得しております。







● ショートプッシュ:噴射量 約0.3−0.6cc  

● ロングプッシュ:噴射量 約1.25ccの少量なのに 約150cmの長さと幅広く噴射しできます。



Alice's Dog & Cat 消臭除菌スプレーの強力な消臭・除菌力の秘密は、
OHラジカル × 新型光触媒 × 独自成分配合技術 のトリプル効果 です。


  • アパタイト:食品添加物の一種で歯磨き粉等に使用されています。
  • OHラジカル:活性酸素の中で最も反応が高く有機物の分解力をもっています。
  • 酸化チタン:食品添加物・ホワイトチョコレートや乳製品の着色料として多くの食品に使われています

またAlice's Dog & Catの新型光触媒は、従来型では光触媒が弱かった蛍光灯やLEDなどの薄暗い室内でもしっかりした効果があります。



・生乾きの洗濯物 など
・喫煙場所 など


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